Successful Cool Farm Tool online launch

screenshot-2016-09-30-13-19-34We’re delighted with the success of our Cool Farm Tool online launch event, September 29, 2016.

For those of you that missed it, please find here slides and recording.(You must download the recording to view it all, the link takes you to a preview and download option).

A total of 202 people registered ahead of time, 133 people attend and 42 wrote in with at least one question or comment. We had over 100 questions in all pour in over the course of the hour and a half. A sampling of comments from attendees is pasted below.

Ian Hope-Johnstone,Sustainable Agriculture Snr Director for PepsiCo, opened the event emphasizing the tool as a performance improver, not just a measurement tool. From here we moved on to 10 minute demonstrations of the GHG tool and Biodiversity tools by Daniella Malin and Richard Burkinshaw. Simon Miller then took participants through the underlying principles and history of the Cool Farm Alliance and the full range of projects currently underway: Water, Dairy, Livestock, Perennials, Languages, User reference values and integration with SAI Platform FSA.

For those of you that missed it, please find here a recording* and slides.

Some attendee comments/questions:

  • “Congrats on the launch! Really useful to have the option of ‘playing’ with the management options to see what has gretest impact.
  • “First of all, congratulations! This looks fantastic. I am curious to learn more about the water module. Can you speak to the water quality piece of this and what that will look like?”
  • “I found the webinar very informative and well done. I would like to find out more about why specialty crops are not more involved.  I will contact CFA about this.”
  • “Thank you for excellent overview of the CFT. Nice user interface and “what if” options for farmers to see management change effects.”
  • “Thank you for this webinar. Very clear. Well done !”
  • “Thanks a lot for this webinar, the tool is really interesting!”

We look forward to following up. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

*Note: the screen is blank briefly about an hour in due to a technical glitch on the part of the webinar software.

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