News from Science – October 2020

Cyprus Project – field trials have started

In a project specific to wine-grapes, the Technical University of Cyprus, CFA and the University of Aberdeen are conducting extensive field trials on Cypriot grapes to gather input to the perennials GHG model developed by Dr. Alicia Ledo. Gathered insights will help to improve the CFT and ‘prove the model’ as part of the requirements definition for the future planned perennials module.

AHDB apples – desk review

The UK Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board, a industry funded statutory research organisation, has commissioned the CFA and NIAB-EMR (one of UK’s leading dedicated horticulture research institutes) to undertake a desk study/literature review of GHGs emissions, and the potential for sequestration, in UK apple orchards. The study will be completed by the end of this year.

Controlled Environment- desk review

The CFA has been commissioned to undertake a preliminary desk study and gap analysis of the CFT for GHG emission calculation in controlled environment farming systems. While the focus is on glasshouse grown table-top strawberries, the goal is to highlight a generic approach applicable to all types of crops. The study will consider issues of enhanced carbon dioxide atmospheres, fertigation and soil-less growing to ascertain what methodology and developments the CFT would need to cater for these systems. The study will be completed by the end of October.