The Cool Farm Alliance joins the regenagri governance team

Regenagri is a regenerative agriculture initiative launched in 2020 with the goal to secure the health of agricultural land and the wealth of those who live on it. Via its Digital Hub and continuous improvement framework, regenagri supports farms and organisations to transition to holistic farming techniques that increase soil organic matter, encourage biodiversity, sequester CO2 and improve water management.

The Cool Farm Alliance joined the group of six pioneering organizations that form the governance team of the initiative. Together with Control Union, the Soil Association, the Sustainable Food Trust, the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) and Agrimetrics, the Cool Farm Alliance will work to create models to measure the impact and benefits of implementing regenerative farming systems.

“The governance consists of six synergistic organizations,” explains Harry Farnsworth, sustainable agriculture projects lead at Control Union UK, who heads up the initiative. “They’ll provide a complete set of specialties to cover the different aspects of regenerative agriculture (soil health, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, water management and value systems). Considering the complexity of the regenerative discussion, this group will drive further the technical development of the programme.”

Richard Profit, General Manager of the Cool Farm Alliance said “We believe that agriculture has the potential to build resilience for our global food security, to mitigate climate change through building soil carbon reserves and to restore ecological balance across the world. The collaboration with regenagri will allow us to form a key platform to help align and empower the industry and make that vision come true.”