geoFootprint: satellite imagery and environmental footprinting metrics meet on a world map

Seville, Spain – 26.01.2021

Today, sustainability consulting group Quantis launches geoFootprint, a cutting-edge technology for accelerating sustainable agriculture built in collaboration with the Cool Farm Alliance and several corporate Cool Farm Alliance members.

geoFootprint is the first tool to merge data from satellite imagery with environmental metrics to allow users to visualise the footprints of key commodity crops on an interactive world map.With data available at an unprecedented resolution of 10×10 km anywhere on Earth, geoFootprint offers deep insights into the footprints of 15 key commodity crops (barley, cotton, maize, oil palm, peanut, potato, rapeseed, rice, rye, sorghum, soybean, sugar beet, sugar cane, sunflower and wheat) for more than 20 metrics. These metrics range from climate impact, water quality and scarcity, yield production volumes to fertiliser application rates and can be viewed on a local (10x10km) level up to sub-national or national level.

Thanks to a joint effort to harmonise the data, geoFootprint modelling methods of farm-level emissions are consistent with those of the Cool Farm Tool. Even better, Cool Farm Alliance members with a geoFootprint license will soon be able to retrieve key input data from geoFootprint into their Cool Farm Tool models, such as soil properties or pre-computed land use change GHG results, based on their farm geolocation.

Users will also be able to automatically import their Cool Farm Tool results into geoFootprint and benchmark the performance of their farms against typical farming systems in any location.

geoFootprint is an outstanding complement to the Cool Farm Tool to improve benchmarking and scale up learnings – and demonstrates the relevance and strength of the Cool Farm community.

Read the full press release here and try geoFootprint now.