CFA Annual Meeting 2021 – A Day of Solutions in Action


Members Day
28 April
Open Day
29 April

The Cool Farm Alliance Annual Meeting 2021 “Agriculture Fit for our Future – Solutions in Action” from 28. – 29. April 2021 with more than 300 attendees showcased our community’s many successes: the unprecedented growth of our Alliance in terms of membership, users and API use, with a Cool Farm Tool that is ever-evolving, adapting to the newest science and functioning as the common medium to bring GHG emission reduction and sustainable, regenerative practices to the field at its core.

Above all, it was the diverse portfolio of ambitious collaborations and programs of our members — the “Solutions in Action” happening worldwide — that inspire and highlight how we can tackle climate change and make “Agriculture fit for our Future”.

  • The Cool Soil Initiative formed by Kellogg, Mars, and their other partners in Australia with support of the Sustainable Food Lab that investigates new management practices that deliver a win-win for productivity and sustainability and lay the foundation for a model that reduces GHG Emissions, adds value to farmers, regenerates soils and can create impact at scale.
  • The efforts of Coop Coffee, Nespresso and Solidaridad to partner up with farmers, to connect on carbon livelihood objectives, and to overcome the challenges on both sides: small farmers being vulnerable, lacking capital and access to technologies, and companies trying to realize innovations by engaging and rewarding widely dispersed farmers.
  • AM Fresh and Cambridge University who improved the biodiversity module of the Cool Farm Tool that works in diverse biomes across the world such as Mediterranean and semi-arid production areas and allows them to engage with farmers, show potentials for biodiversity conservation in supply chains.
  • Quantis on using digital solutions and satellite data to measure environmental metrics and impact of agriculture on a local, regional and national level around the world, and their recently kicked-off carbon accounting framework to improve the methodology around carbon sequestration in perennial crop cultivation systems
  • The world’s leading experts on soil carbon, Pete Smith and Prof. Keith Paustian who transformed the complex science around carbon sequestration and mitigation potentials in agriculture into clear, understandable and tangible actions.
  • The carbon payment programs and call for action of Cargill, Commoditrader and Soil Capital who use the Cool Farm Tool to pioneer new ways of bringing additional revenue to farmers for agricultural management practices that store carbon in the soil and reduce GHG emissions.
  • The Cool Farm Alliances’ effort to continuously improve the Automated Programming Interface (API) of the Cool Farm Tool as a basis for automation and integration of systems that allows for GHG calculations at scale.

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Video Timeline per Session

0:13:45 – 1:03:27 Scale: The Cool Soil Initiative
1:03:27 – 1:44:44 People: Climate Resilience On Small Farms
1:44:44 – 2:14:14 Biodiversity: Expanding The CFT Biodiversity Module Into New Territories
2:14:14 – 2:29:40 Geofootprint: A Cutting-Edge Technology For Accelerating Sustainable Agriculture
2:29:40 – 2:44:23 Perennials: Exploring GHG Removals And Sequestration Potential
2:45:15 – 3:30:22 Soil: Carbon Sequestration As A Mitigation Strategy—What Do We Know?
3:30:22 – 4:00:54 Monetising Carbon And GHG Reductions To Drive Scale
4:00:54 – 4:14:45 CFT API Live Demo