Free E-Learning Course on the Cool Farm Tool

In order to support farmers and supply chain actors in their use of the Cool Farm Tool and their actions towards a more resilient, carbon-smart agriculture, we have developed a free E-Learning course with updated video tutorials and user manuals for Crops, Beef, Dairy and Biodiversity, as well as useful guidance and resources for sustainable actions.

The objectives of the course are to help you understand:

+ The importance of sustainable agriculture
+ How to use the Cool Farm Tool as a decision support tool
+ How to take action to mitigate your environmental impact

Follow these few steps to access the course:
+ Go to
+ Fill and submit the registration form
+ Your registration will be confirmed via mail (make sure to check your spam folder if you you haven’t received the confirmation).

The course is for free and available for six months after registration. Guides can be downloaded.


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