Welcome our New Members in June and July 2021

Our membership keeps growing. We are very excited to welcome the diverse range of organisations that joined our community in June and July 2021. Find out more in the following post about their plans within the Cool Farm Alliance.


Agrimetrics is the agri-food sector’s Data Marketplace: a place to find, manage, share, and monetise food and farming data. We use cutting-edge AI and linked-data technologies to make data more accessible, actionable, and valuable. FAIR data principles are central to our Data Marketplace and to our belief that the equitable sharing of data holds the solution to a more sustainable and resilient agri-food sector.

We are an Airbus Strategic Partner, a Microsoft Gold Partner, and a member of Microsoft’s prestigious AI for Earth programme. We are one of four centres for agricultural innovation founded with an initial investment from Innovate UK. Our founding partners are NIAB, SRUC, Rothamsted Research and The University of Reading. Agrimetrics is integrating with the Cool Farm Tool to help develop innovative solutions to support sustainable agriculture and empower farmers with their data.


Agriculture is undergoing a fundamental transformation, accelerated by Climate Change and its effects. This is the challenging environment for today’s farmers, who play an important role in decarbonising the food value chain. Sustainable farming practices can reduce emissions through improved soil health, efficient land use and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

By reducing the carbon footprint in farming operations, promoting biodiversity, preserving soil and undertaking numerous other agricultural practices to preserve our natural resources, farmers are in a unique position to be part of the solution to a warming planet.

We believe this agricultural transformation requires collaboration across the entire food value chain. Farmers, suppliers, agronomists and other experts need to partner to develop the farming methods of the future and to establish a science-based framework to measure and improve sustainability in agriculture.

EcoFix Securities

EcoFix is a company dedicated to meeting agribusiness demand with sustainable practices, combining metrics, instruments and methodologies from Environmental, Agronomics, Zootechnics, Agricultural Economics and Sustainable Finance, in a unique digital solutions system, to provide services and structure that integrate the agribusiness production and value chains with financial and capital market instruments to generate value in responsible investments that make us of natural capital for the Earth’s climatic balance.  Our membership within the Cool Farm Alliance is fundamental for our objectives to improve and permit evaluation and comparison of conventional and sustainable agricultural land management practice impacts on biodiversity, water and agro-ecosystems.

Fairtrade International

More than a Voluntary Sustainability Scheme, Fairtrade is a movement built upon partnerships between producers, workers, buyers, traders, retailers and consumers. Fairtrade believes that all producers and workers have the right to a sustainable livelihood and in that sense, achieving greater climate resilience is at the core of Fairtrade’s strategies. “By becoming a member of the Cool Farm Alliance, we are looking to improve the positive impact of producers through carbon sequestration, agroecology and agricultural practices that further lead to poverty alleviation and the protection of biodiversity” says Juan Pablo Solis, Fairtrade International Senior Advisor, Climate and Environment.

Louis Dreyfus Company

As a leading global merchant of green coffee, we strive to promote sustainable practices throughout the coffee value chain. As we believe such practices necessarily include carbon-efficient production and farmer welfare, we choose to work directly with coffee growers in the field, supporting them through initiatives that aim to increase their productivity and decrease their climate impact. Measuring those impacts is crucial and this is why Louis Dreyfus Company is proud to join the Cool Farm Alliance, alongside like-minded members who share our collaborative approach to science-based carbon reductions in the coffee sector.

UPL Ltd.

UPL Ltd. is a global provider of sustainable agriculture products and solutions. We are a purpose-led company. Through OpenAg, UPL is focused on facilitating progress for the entire agricultural value chain. We are building a network that redefines the way an entire industry thinks and works – open to fresh ideas, innovative ways and new answers as we strive towards our mission to make every single food product more sustainable.

As one of the largest agriculture solutions companies worldwide, our robust portfolio consists of biologicals and traditional crop protection solutions with more than 13,600 registrations, as well as physical and digital services. We are present in more than 130 countries with more than 10,000 colleagues.

Joining the Cool Farm Alliance will inform how we shape, measure, and scale our solutions to deliver the most effective GHG sequestration outcomes, reimagining sustainability and – through our OpenAg collaboration – develop new tools for sustainable agricultural development across the food value chain.