Welcome our New Members in August 2021

Our membership keeps growing. We are so proud to welcome this great range of new organisations to our Alliance. Learn more about their plans and ambitions for the future.

Caravela Limited

Climate change is one of the main challenges that coffee growers (and everyone) around the world face. Evidence of the effects of global warming can already be seen in coffee growing regions: excess of rains or droughts, extreme temperatures and shifting seasons. If we want coffee to continue exist for the foreseeable future we must support its sustainable production, not only socially and economically speaking, but also its environmental sustainability. By using the Cool Farm Tool, we aim to calculate the carbon footprint of the coffee farms that we source coffee from to develop a greener supply chain and generates awareness to contribute to the future of coffee.

Carcafe Ltd.

Carcafe Ltd. is a coffee trading company belonging to the Volcafe group, with a presence throughout the Colombian coffee geography. The main business of the company is the threshing and wholesale of coffee. The company is interested in using the Cool Farm Tool to manage its GHG emissions in pursuit of carbon neutrality at coffee production sites. The tool is expected to be used to build the baseline of GHG emissions and capture at coffee farms, as well as to measure the impact of good practices and the use of efficient technology to mitigate climate change.

Future Food Solutions

Future Food Solutions are a food industry focused, supply chain consultancy guiding farmers and food companies to explore and adopt innovative techniques that drive sustainable competitive advantage. Our support helps partners to collaborate more effectively, become more efficient, and as a consequence improve supply chain viability and long term resilience.

We have developed a range of tools that enable us to measure and build sustainability metrics which are being delivered on behalf of globally recognised brands and major utility partners across the UK.

Many of our activities revolve around helping supply chains to be more efficient which resulted in us becoming familiar with the Cool Farm Tool. After using the system on behalf of clients we recognised its potential to add value across other programmes we are delivering. Our business is now exploring the carbon market and a closer understanding of CFT best practice. A membership within the Cool Farm Alliance allows us to further expand our strategic horizon in this area.

Martin Bauer Group

The Martin Bauer Group has stood for expertise in premium botanical solutions for over 90 years. Our products, created from responsibly sourced, high-quality raw materials, are used in the Tea, Food & Beverage, Dietary Supplement, and Animal Nutrition industries. The Group has set itself the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2030 – an important milestone on our overall journey toward greater sustainability. “This pledge applies not only to our more than 30 locations throughout the world but also to our entire supply chain,” says Anne Wedel-Klein, great-granddaughter of the company’s founder, Martin Bauer, and member of the holding company’s executive board. “We are utilising the Cool Farm Tool to measure our progress against our goals. It allows us to capture accurate and consistent data from our global supply network, which spans 80 countries around the world.”