CFT 1.0 Member Testing – Key Findings Users Should Be Aware Of

During member testing of the science updates and fixes to calculation issues that are to be implemented in the updated Cool Farm Tool Version 1.0, a few key findings were made that are highly relevant to the understanding of the use and the methodology of the tool. In the following, we are highlighting these findings to promote the knowledge and … Read More

Farmer Interviews: The Cool Farm Tool as an Enabler of Regenerative Agriculture

The Cool Farm Tool (CFT) is a decision support and engagement tool that enables farmers and supply chain actors since 2010 to benchmark and assess their greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental impacts of their agricultural activities. We spoke to Jake Freestone (farm manager at Overbury Farm, UK), Eric Ziehm (dairy farmer from High Meadows of Hoosick, NY, and supplier … Read More

Our 10 Favourite Food, Agriculture And Climate Book Recommendations

If you are still looking for the perfect Christmas gift, here are some last-minute ideas that may help you with your search. In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, we asked the Cool Farm Alliance Executive Team for book recommendations. We’ve put together a list of their favourite recent food, agriculture and climate books from which we hope you can … Read More

Finish Brand First to Communicate Pork Carbon Footprint On-Pack

Atria, one of the leading meat and food companies in Northern Europe. In November 2021, the company has started to disclose the carbon footprint of its pork products on its consumer packaging, following the carbon footprint label on chicken products introduced earlier in the year. The label on the packaging indicates the climate impact of the entire production chain of … Read More