Finish Brand First to Communicate Pork Carbon Footprint On-Pack

First in the world – Atria communicates the carbon footprint on the packaging of its pork productsAtria, one of the leading meat and food companies in Northern Europe. In November 2021, the company has started to disclose the carbon footprint of its pork products on its consumer packaging, following the carbon footprint label on chicken products introduced earlier in the year. The label on the packaging indicates the climate impact of the entire production chain of the product in terms of carbon dioxide equivalents. The carbon footprint is calculated and reported per packaged product (kg CO2e / product).

The carbon footprint calculation has been carried out in cooperation with Cool Farm Alliance member Envitecpolis Oy on a total of 32 pig farms in the Atria region. Envitecpolis used the Cool Farm Tool to calculate the carbon footprint of primary production. In addition to that, other factors from the production of a product, such as energy use, packaging materials, detergents, etc. have been allocated per product. The calculation is based on the calculation methods of the PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) and the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) as well as on the latest research in the field.

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Photo: Atria