International Centre for Tropical Agriculture

Climate change mitigation in Mesoamerican coffee production. This research by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), quantifies the on-farm carbon stocks in different coffee production systems using the CFT, and evaluates the influence of voluntary standards on climate change mitigation. Based on the results, a framework for effective climate change mitigation on coffee production level is developed that can … Read More

Pulse Canada, Cool Farm Tool Pilot

The Canadian Pulse Grower’s Association investigated the use of the CFT to develop an on-farm carbon footprint of navy bean production in Canada. 34 farms were sampled. Pulse Canada’s goals were to produce an aggregate number but also to learn as much as possible about the process, the state of science of greenhouse gas measurement and insights in to possible … Read More

Cutting cotton carbon emissions

WWF-India used the Cool Farm Tool to calculate GHG emissions from selected farm plots under traditional cultivation and Better Management Practices (BMP) cotton production systems. The results showed that traditional cultivation uses almost twice as much fertiliser as BMPs, and more than the recommended dosage. This results in almost double the emissions, but does not increase the yield. WWF-India is … Read More