The Cool Farm Alliance is a Community Interest Company

The Alliance operates according to its Articles of Association, and all activities comply with anti-trust guidelines..

Management Team

Richard Profit

General Manager

Daniella Malin

Deputy General Manager

David McMahon

Product Manager

Michaela Aschbacher

Member & Communications Manager

Ben Kayatz

Technical Product Manager

Richard Heathcote


Richard Burkinshaw


Simon MIller




Governance and decision-making on behalf of the membership is managed through our committees, comprising:

  • Methods Committee

    Translation and implementation of science, chaired by Jon Hillier (University of Edinburgh)

  • IT Committee

    Planning the software development programme, chaired by Graham Mullier (Syngenta)

  • Communications Committee

    Managing members and recruitment, chaired by Konstantin Golombek (Fertilizers Europe)

Executive Team

Andre Eitner


Jon Hillier

University of Edinburgh

Graham Mullier


Konstantin Golombek

Fertilizers Europe

Jan Kees Vis


The Cool Farm Alliance has company number 9075620, and registered address of: 87b Westgate, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 6LE England.