The Cool Farm Alliance is a unique community of organizations

working together to develop and promote a harmonized set of metrics for agricultural sustainability


Our members comprise food retailers, manufacturers, input suppliers, NGOs, universities and consultancies. Part of our membership includes Service Providers, who support Tool implementation and training, to help farmers use measurement to inform management.

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Service Providers

Sustainable Food Lab

As one of the three original intellectual property owners of the Cool Farm Tool (along with Unilever and the University of Aberdeen) before passing this property on to the Cool Farm Alliance and continuing to shepherd its development, the Sustainable Food Lab has both in-depth knowledge of the calculation methods, algorithms, data and software functionality of the Cool Farm Tool and extensive experience using the tool in agricultural climate change mitigation projects around the world. The Sustainable Food Lab has led or supported Cool Farm Tool projects in numerous crops and countries and a breadth of organizations (see list below).

While creating baselines and using the tool to track improvement over time, our approach focuses on supply chain engagement and trust building, so the farmers and other actors in the chain feel supported with social capital as well as technical expertise, to find GHG reduction pathways on their farms.

The Sustainable Food Lab is happy to offer its services in implementing Cool Farm Tool projects in supply chains. We know that measurement and relationship building is only the beginning when it comes to working with farmers to find practical and pragmatic opportunities for improvement.

Countries: U.S., India, Paraguay, Kenya, Canada, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ghana, United Kingdom.
Products: tomatoes, lettuce, sugar, coffee, dry beans, broccoli, potatoes, cotton, oats, eggs, cocoa
Organizations: Unilever, Costco, Marks and Spencer, Stonyfield, Ecom, Sysco, Heinz, GIZ, Pulse Canada, Catholic Relief Services

Contact: Elizabeth Reaves

Sustainable Food Lab

Soil & More

Soil & More International (S&M) is a consulting firm, specialized in soil fertility advisory services as well as sustainability assessment in the agriculture and food sector.

Since 2010, S&M has been involved in the development and implementation of the Cool Farm Tool (CFT). Apart from providing research and practical experience based input for the development of the CFT models, S&M was engaged in road-testing and implementing the tool at scale amongst several hundred small-, medium- and large-scale farms in Europe and worldwide. S&M has practical experience using the CFT in cereals, fruit and vegetables, coffee, cocoa, tea, palm as well as dairy and mixed systems.

In order to further spread and promote the CFT, S&M conducted various training covering both the theoretical background of the CFT as well as concrete implementation scenarios.

Amongst others, S&M has delivered CFT assessments with the following customers and partners: Alnatura, COFCO, DEG/KfW, Dole, ECOM, EOSTA, Fyffes, Hivos, Lebensbaum, Marks & Spencer, Ritter Sport, Swedish Standards Institute, Tesco, Total Produce, TÜV.

S&M is able to provide both assistance in implementation as well as capacity building regarding the CFT in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, as well selected services in Arabic.

Contact: Tobias Bandel

Soil & More


As the Cool Farm Alliance’s preferred software developer, and a consulting partner, Anthesis uniquely combines advisory services with deep technical expertise. We have a global reach with more than a dozen offices worldwide and a long history of providing consulting to the retail, food and drink sectors. We focus on delivering business value through sustainability by maximising revenues, reducing costs, mitigating value chain risk and enhancing reputation.

Anthesis has been working with the Cool Farm Alliance since they were founded more than five years ago. We have contributed to the visioning behind the Cool Farm Tool (CFT), to enable millions of growers globally to make more informed on-farm decisions that reduce their environmental impact. Specifically, Anthesis has worked with agronomists, farmers and agricultural suppliers to design, build and develop, the online CFT from specification to launch. We have designed and delivered CFT training and provided on-going user support. We continue to work with the Cool Farm Alliance to improve and expand the CFT (most recently to measure biodiversity and water impacts) and with Alliance members to help integrate the CFT with the current data management systems and roll out the CFT across their supply chain.

Contact: Fiona Page




CLM’s expertise is rooted in professional practice: our advisors work with corporate supply chain managers but also with farmers in the field.

CLM is an independent consultancy based in the Netherlands, specialized in sustainable food and farming. We work for governments, farmers’ organisations, environmental NGOs and companies in the food chain such as Heineken, Unilever, Ben&Jerry, Ahold and McCain. We have a 30-year track record in sustainability assessment at farm level: nutrient balances, carbon footprint, pesticide impact and biodiversity. We have used this expertise in projects for SAI-Platform since 2010, and have helped build the CFT Biodiversity module.

Possible services in support of the CFT are:
– Practical advice about on-farm measures that help improve biodiversity, reduce water use or reduce greenhouse gas emissions – Webinars or training sessions for farmers and advisors about using the CFT
– Communication materials aimed at farmers and advisors
– Advice on sustainability reporting, using CFT results
– Development of additional modules for the CFT on biodiversity, nutrient balance, soil quality or pesticides

All CLM advisors speak Dutch and English; some can also work in German, French, Spanish or Portuguese.

Contact: Gijs Kunman





We created ARTIS to bring the latest knowledge and scientific research into a format which benefits farmers in the field – developing skills and professionalising the industry. Our courses allow farmers to implement best practice on farm, to produce more, with greater profitability and sustainably. ARTIS training is managed by NIAB, a major international centre for plant research, crop evaluation and agronomy. We pull in world class experts from across the industry to deliver our courses, from organisations including ADAS, Rothamsted Research and Harper Adams University.

For companies in the food sector, establishing connections and bringing about change in sustainable food value chains can be time consuming, complex and costly. Growers find it hard to make changes on farm that result in sustainability outcomes without the practical knowledge or tools to do so in a manner which benefits the yields and quality of their crops, and profitability of their business. ARTIS provides Cool Farm Alliance members the opportunity to engage with growers to implement a programme of improvements under the CFT such as; reducing GHG emissions, increasing biodiversity, improving water use and reducing waste, whilst equipping growers with the tools to drive productivity and profitability.

Our courses are face to face and online in an interactive e-learning platform and include subjects across 5 categories; Soil & Water, Crop Protection, Farm Business, Nutrient Management and Practical Agronomy.

Contact: Steven Tompkins, +44(0)1223 342457



3Keel is a specialist agri-food consultancy based in Oxford, UK. The team have backgrounds in life cycle analysis and greenhouse gas accounting, with particular emphasis on agriculture and food supply chains. This analytical capability is combined with practical knowledge of European farming, land management, tropical commodity crops, and forestry to offer a unique skill set for our clients.

As an organisation, 3Keel actively seeks diverse clients, ranging from global multinationals through to locally-based NGOs. Reflecting this, 3Keel team members have a long history of supporting and working with the Cool Farm Tool, including designing and delivering out measurement programmes with diverse produce suppliers based in the UK and overseas.

Contact: Richard Sheane


FAI Farms

Our mission at FAI is to help the food-sector overcome key challenges and implement better farming practices, on land and at sea. Our highly skilled team of scientists, agriculturalists, veterinarians and producers provide direction and support to leading food brands. We are focused on generating meaningful improvements at farm level, mitigating risk and realising long-term business benefits for our partners.

Monitoring and evaluation are key to achieving our objectives. We believe that the Cool Farm Tool is the most comprehensive and user friendly environmental impact tool available, allowing quick an easy evaluation of complex farming systems. We very much look forward to contributing our expertise to the further development of the tool in collaboration with the Cool Farm Alliance members.

Contact: Nicky Stanek


Soil Capital

Soil Capital is a farm management and advisory firm specialised in large-scale agriculture. We focus on maximising farm profitability through soil health. Our team is composed of successful agronomists and business professionals with experience in farm management and agricultural project development worldwide.

Since 2013, Soil Capital has now over 80,000 hectares of land under management or consulting agreements worldwide; on both existing and greenfield projects. We are engaged on about 25 different farms in more than 11 countries.

Soil Capital leverage unique expertise and knowledge to advise in multiple fields:

  • Full analysis of farm operations and strategic redesign
  • Technical audit of the farming operations
  • Due diligence and feasibility studies
  • Business planning and modelling
  • Budget monitoring and cost analysis
  • Team skills improvement and staff training
  • Development of decision-making tools
  • Reporting implementation
  • Project engineering and development
  • Hands-on management of farming operations

On-going projects: Belgium, Romania, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Costa-Rica, Surinam, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Sudan, South-Africa,

Contacts: Thomas Lecomte –