Success through Collaboration

We are actively forming partnerships with other movements that are supporting sustainable agriculture.

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Our partnerships provide mutual benefits between each organisation, and add value to the members of the Alliance and our wider users of the Tool.

We expect a steady increase in partnerships in the medium term, and here we list strategic partners we are already working with.


Sustainable Food Lab

The Sustainable Food Lab is a global network of organizations facilitating market-based change for a sustainable food system. From peer to peer leadership development, to global learning journeys and events, to supply chain innovation projects, to measurement tools, the Food Lab staff bring organizations together to help them accelerate progress towards a more sustainable food system.

The Cool Farm Alliance was born out of a Sustainable Food Lab project in 2010 to motivate and measure the potential for agriculture supply chains to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, with a focus on discovering actions that are practical and pragmatic at the farm level.

As a pre-competitive industry collaboration created to address a shared need for tools and metrics that are simple to use and motivate change while being scientifically robust, the Cool Farm Tool falls squarely into the Sustainable Food Lab’s change methods. Since its inception in 2008, the Sustainable Food Lab has shepherded the development and use of the Cool Farm Tool and its evolution from a spreadsheet-based single metric change project to a stand-alone industry platform and multi-metric, web-based tool. The Sustainable Food Lab continues to manage the Cool Farm Alliance working with members and partners to build continuous improvement into the way of doing business and using measurement to move agricultural production more towards increasingly more sustainable practices.

“For climate, the pot of gold we all seek is a significant reduction in net carbon from agriculture.”Hal Hamilton, Founder of the Sustainable Food Lab

Sustainable Food Lab

Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform

In 2002 Nestlé, Unilever and Danone created the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform, a non-profit organization to facilitate sharing, at precompetitive level, of knowledge and best practices to support the development and implementation of sustainable agriculture practices involving stakeholders throughout the food value chain.

SAI Platform today counts over 80 members, which actively share the same view on sustainable agriculture seen as “the efficient production of safe, high quality agricultural products, in a way that protects and improves the natural environment, the social and economic conditions of farmers, their employees and local communities, and safeguards the health and welfare of all farmed species”. Members also jointly work on achieving SAI Platform’s 2020 Vision.

SAI Platform develops (or co-develops) tools and guidance to support global and local sustainable sourcing and agriculture practices. Examples of recently developed resources include: Practitioner’s Guide for Sustainable Sourcing; recommendations for Sustainability Performance Assessment (SPA); and the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA).

The Cool Farm Alliance and SAI Platform recognise the alignment of their missions, and the complementary ways of working to promote more sustainable agriculture. This partnership represents a commitment to convert this common interests into integrated services and tools, which will best serve the market and simplify the work and questions asked of farmers. To this end, the first project is the development of the Cool Farm Tool to support metrics collection as part of SAI’s Farm Sustainability Assessment.

“The time is now right for concrete steps for Cool Farm and SAI to work closely together.”Peter Erik Ywema, SAI Platform General Manager


The Sustainability Consortium

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) is a global organization transforming the consumer goods industry to deliver more sustainable consumer products. Our members and partners include manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, service providers, NGOs, civil society organizations, governmental agencies and academics. Each member brings valuable perspectives and expertise. TSC convenes our diverse stakeholders to work collaboratively to build science-based decision tools and solutions that address sustainability issues that are materially important throughout a product’s supply chain and lifecycle. TSC also offers a portfolio of services to help drive effective implementation.

“By working together with the Cool Farm Alliance, we can streamline the reporting experience for growers and food manufacturers, making it easier to communicate sustainability data.”Dr. Christy Slay, Director of Research, The Sustainability Consortium


Climate-KIC | CSA Booster

Established in 2015, Climate-smart Agriculture (CSA) Booster is a flagship programme of Climate-KIC’s Sustainable Land Use theme. It is Europe’s leading knowledge and innovation hub catalysing the transition to climate-smart agriculture, food and land use. CSA Booster’s collaborative network of partners accelerate the adoption and scaling of low-carbon (“climate-smart”) technologies and solutions across the Europe’s €133bn agricultural sector to boost the productivity and resilience of our agriculture and food systems and drive global sustainable development.

“Climate-KIC is proud to support the Cool Farm Alliance through its Climate-smart Agriculture Booster to enable millions of farmers take more informed farm-level decisions to cut their environmental impact and make their businesses more resilient.”Pan Pan, Director, Climate-smart Agriculture Booster | Deputy Director, Sustainable Land Use, Climate-KIC


European Initiative for Sustainable Development in Agriculture

EISA was founded in May 2001 with the aim of developing and promoting sustainable farming systems, which are an essential element of sustainable development. The association consists of full members, farmer groups working on sustainable development in agriculture from six European countries, and associate members from the agri-food chain. EISA promotes the wholistic concept of Integrated Farm Management as guidelines for sustainable development of agriculture. EISA’s main activity is the promotion of economically viable, sustainable farming systems in Europe in particular via a Brussels representation.

A mutual recognition of EISA being the main European advocacy agency for sustainable agriculture and the CFA for for sustainable agriculture metrics will strengthen existing partnerships with important stakeholder groups including farmer unions, food and beverage companies, and the fertilizer and crop protection industries.

“EISA’s objective is increasing the adoption of Integrated Farm Management. Sustainability metrics from the Cool Farm Tool will help us to support our partners to achieve this aim.”Martijn Buijsse | Policy Officer