The Cool Farm Tool quantifies on-farm greenhouse gas emissions
and soil carbon sequestration

Demonstrate good practice

Farmers manage for cost, productivity and soil health. The Cool Farm Tool can show how these management decisions sequester carbon or reduce greenhouse gas emissions – an issue customers care about.

Quick and easy

It takes just 10-15 minutes to get a rough estimate, and the calculations are based on information you will have on hand or easily accessible.

Stimulates thinking

The Cool Farm Tool isn’t just a calculator. It stimulates thinking about management, by showing hotspots and helping to develop action plans.

Results tailored to your field

Reducing tillage and adding cover crops can reduce and offset problem emissions while building soil health. But each farm and field responds differently. The Cool Farm Tool allows farmers to find out how their fields respond to the management options of interest.

Encourage good agriculture practice

With an interactive interface designed to be simple to use, but scientifically robust in the complex arena of carbon accounting, the Cool Farm Tool encourages, motivates and rewards good agricultural practice.

Tested and Adopted

The Cool Farm Tool has been tested and adopted by a range of multinational companies who are working with their suppliers to measure, manage, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the effort to mitigate global climate change.

Crop Data Requirements

  • Harvested yield and marketable yield product weights
  • Growing area
  • Fertiliser applications: type and rate
  • Number of pesticide applications
  • Energy use (kWh and fuel use)
  • Optionally: transport: mode, weight of product and distance

Livestock Data Requirements

  • Herd or flock size
  • Feed
  • Manure management
  • Energy use (kWh and fuel use)
  • Transport of feed and other inputs

Enter data and then modify entries to see how much of a difference available changes will make on your farm. Download the complete data requirements for crops here.

Complete annotated downloadable data requirements for livestock coming soon.

Start using the Cool Farm Tool to measure carbon:

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Our video demos provide a step by step tutorial for using the Tool. The first set of tutorials cover data entry for Crops, with Livestock to follow soon.
Thank you for developing such a highly functional and helpful tool for farmers around the world.Wisconsin potato farmer