Cool Farm Tool

The published release notes help you keep track of the ongoing updates and improvements to the Cool Farm Tool. Contact with any questions.


Released 21 September 2020



  • Improve the Dairy API documentation
  • Add Reset Default button to automatically reset the residue estimate to the value calculated by the CFT.


  • Fix user list export from the Django admin interface
  • Clarify API outputs for crop calculations
  • Fix form validation of the irrigation form


Released 26 August 2020


  • Add a search box to My Assessments page to simplify retrieving an assessment
  • Add the reporting year to each assessment item in the My Assessments page
  • Enable the user to configure the number of entries visible on the My Assessments page


  • Update live-results panel so Yield value is to two decimal places and GHG emissions are to zero decimal places. Headline metrics on full results page are to two decimal places.
  • Fix the Fuel & Energy, Irrigation and Transport tabs so that new or edited entries will update the live results.


Released 21 August 2020


  • Include GHG intensity metrics in Crop API v1 by product and by area


  • Add additional soy calculations to dairy aggregation report
  • Update aggregation report folder structure to display 50 assessments by default


  • Fix dairy assessment export to work with all fertiliser types
  • Fix Save As feature to prevent fertilisers and crop protection entries be deleted


Released 09 July 2020


Co-Products: The addition and removal of co-products in the CFT crop pathway are now displaying correctly. The live results are updated according to the co-products/data indicated.


Released 08 July 2020

Features & Improvements

The CFT now allows for a secure user authentication and a safe, agile interoperability with other tools through Oauth and OpenID. OAuth 2.0 is designed for granting other tools the access to data and features of the CFT and vice-versa, OpenID Connect enables single log-on across multiple applications.


Released 2 July 2020

Features & Improvements

The CFT now enables share code owners to improve the access and organization of assessments through the ability to create and use folder structures per share code in the 'Aggregation' page.

The new aggregation page interface now has a sidebar area that displays share codes (parent folders) and their respective subfolders. By clicking on the folders, it displays all assessments that were shared via the share code and placed in the selected parent- or subfolder. It is possible to

  • create, rename and delete subfolders
  • move one or multiple assessments to/between subfolders;
  • filter & search for assessments;
  • export aggregated reports of selected assessments or whole parent -/subfolders - this enables an easier and faster download of smaller, more targeted reports.

The users of a share code can directly share and place a completed assessment in the applicable folder created by the share code owner.


Released 22 June 2020


  • In the Soil tab of a new assessments, duplicates in the optional 'choose field' dropdown list have been solved and only templates of previous soil characteristics will show in the list for selection.
  • Live results in the rice pathway now are consistent and calculated correctly. Updates of results are only displayed once changes are made.
  • Error message for fat and protein content in the Milk tab of the dairy pathway now displays correctly and requires a value under 7.
  • Full stop is now being used to denote decimal separator in non-English pathways.
  • Only save water results to cache on "Save and continue".
  • On the farm settings page, soil data from Geoserver for the selected location can be accessed via the button "Show detailed information".
  • Extraction of test data from Geoserver and presentation within CFT.
  • "depth" and "volume" group headings for water units drop-down.


Released 16 June 2020


  • Upgrade to Django 2.2


Released 1 June 2020

Features & Improvements

  • API V0: The API documentation now includes the allowed number of decimals/digits.

  • API V1: It is now possible to retrieve data and results from assessments that have been assigned to a share code via a GET call per share code. The call will return:

    • Assessment name
    • Assessment slug
    • List Item
    • Assessment URL
    • List Item
    • Crop name
    • Crop area
    • Total GHG emissions of the assessment in KG CO2e
  • The documentation of CFT API V1 has been updated and includes GET call for input data and GHG results from specific assessments (GET /farm_assessments), GET call to retrieve assessments per share code (GET /share_code/assessments) and GET call to return share codes associated with a user account(GET /share_code). The documentation can be found here.


  • Excel Aggregation Report:

    • The column titles in the overview sheet for crop and dairy where realigned to correctly reflect the data shown in each column.
    • The DMI per animal is now calculated and shown correctly in the dairy aggregation report. In case an assessment included multiple feed items of the same category, their amount was not correctly shown in the excel report. The amount of multiple feed item categories is now summed up.
  • Water module: Due to the outdated data source for meteorological data, water footprints can currently only be made for crops with harvest date prior to 31 Dec 2018. If the water module is added to a crop assessment, harvest years after 2018 are not displayed anymore until the CFT will be connected to the new water database.

  • Error messages in the Irrigation tab are now better displayed to show missing irrigation information without splitting fields into different rows.

  • Error message for fat and protein content in the Milk tab of the dairy pathway now displays correctly and requires a value under 7.


Released 05 May 2020


  • API V0: The error message when fertilizer values are changed is resolved.
  • An error message shows when clicking on 'More' of a 100% completed assessment, but non-obligatory fields in the assessment are not yet completed (e.g. irrigation event is selected but cells are left blank). With filling the fields, the error can be solved.
  • Popup box showing before the export of aggregation report is resolved.
  • The country drop down list on the registration page is now ordered alphabetically in all CFT languages for better usability.
  • Issues with downloading small aggregation reports for a specific share code are resolved.


Released 23 April 2020

Features & Improvements

  • Dairy pathway: The field 'Main breed' in the Milk tab is now mandatory and does not allow to save and continue without selection.
  • Beef pathway: in the Feed tab of, users are now notified if they select a feed item and unit of measure but do not specify the animal category.
  • Most missing translations in the Spanish CFT version were updated and improved.
  • A unit of measure translation error in the French CFT version was corrected from kg/ha to kg/acre.
  • Water module: water losses through interception which are part of the irrigation balance calculation are now also shown in the water balance chart on the full results page to give a complete result graph.


  • Dairy pathway: the enteric fermentation summary bar in the live results is now updating when the grazing area field is updated. 


Released 22 April 2020

Features & Improvements

  • Dairy aggregation reports now also include the farm name (if this was enabled to be visible to the administrator of the sharecode).
  • The API documentation on the Help page of the CFT webapp now includes details about accessing developer documentation for API.
  • The language around Net and Gross yields in the user interface has been updated.
  • The potential emissions factors for global warming were updated.


  • Emissions from land management changes are not being retained anymore after land management changes are removed.
  • The live results of emissions from crop protection are now stable and do not  show different results between the tabs even if data in the crop protection section were not updated or changed.
  • There is now an additional warning message showing in the carbon tab that warns users if they have changed information and navigate away without saving these changes.
  • Resolve issue where live results were not updating under certain situations when organic fertilisers have been identified as a new practice in the last 20 years (CFT-4575)
  • Live results now update when composts are added as fertilisers.
  • Live results in the Potato pathway are now updating when storage and/or processing data are updated and "save and continue" is pressed.
  • Live results in the Potato pathway now update correctly when storage percentage slider is used.


Released 17 April 2020

Features & Improvements

  • Aggregation reports are now sent to users via email rather than downloaded directly from the site to their device, which prevents the tool timing out when generating large files.


  • Overstatement of manure emissions under certain circumstances was resolved.
  • The costs tab for dairy assessments is not displaying error messages anymore.
  • Aggregation reports can now be generated without crashing when the report contains water and/or combined GHG and water assessments.


Released 8 April 2020

Features & Improvements

The development work which comprised project: CFT Data Versioning Phase 1 was deployed to the live site. This now allows he general audience to retain baseline results and continue using the existing version of the tool, while it enables to have more than one version of the following data tables in the tool for different reporting needs. These versions can be gathered into "data versions" that would be managed as a collection with defined properties: release, release notes and expiry dates. These are the data tables available for versioning:

  • Pesticides
  • Direct energy use
  • Transport
  • Livestock grazing
  • Residue management
  • Cattle bedding
  • Fertiliser production
  • Fertiliser application
  • Machinery fuel use
  • Livestock feed production
  • Manure methane conversion factors
  • Tree types
  • Land management practices


Older Release Notes


  • Additional language translations for the dairy pathway
  • Resolve biodiversity module PDF report bug
  • Add pesticide inputs to aggregation report
  • Fix various crashes:
  • Admin export of dairy feed types
  • Aggregate report with invalid energy units
  • Livestock products in countries with no continent


  • Initial Spanish, French, German and Dutch translations
  • Self-service user profile editing
  • Move residue management to the "General" tab (and calculate live results on the "General" page)
  • Allow commas / periods as thousand separators (depending on selected language)
  • Move "Compose your own NPK" to top of fertiliser list
  • "Calculate", "Create" and single sign-on APIs
  • Enable admin export / import of customised text
  • Various bug-fixes and security updates


  • display SOC percentage instead of total


  • "Save as" bug-fix


  • Bug-fixes on aggregation & water results


  • Dairy report changes
  • Gravity power source for irrigation
  • Custom SOM
  • SOC display
  • Logout page changes
  • Display calculated N rate for fertiliser applications
  • Fix missing energy category
  • Remove decimal places in live results
  • Batch import
  • Dairy bug-fixes
  • Move field size to "Crop" page
  • Change residue names
  • Change "subsurface drip" fertiliser name
  • Fix per-tree results crash
  • Co-product results display change


  • fix biodiversity bug