Cool Farm Tool

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Released 07 November 2022


  • Technical Description access via CFT- addition of the technical description section within the tool accessible by authorised users. Including the facility to log number and identify of users accessing the technical description.
  • Multiple farms API - addition of 2 new create endpoints for users with multiple farms including updates to the API documentation.


  • Product Fresh and Finished Units not available in API - a bug fix to allow users to use volumetric units for crop products in the API.
  • Remove crop product feed components from default dairy API input - bug fix to remove invalid crop assessment slugs from default data used in /dairy_product/ endpoint including an improvement to the documentation to explain how to add a feed component and an improvement to the feed component data validation.
  • API demo tool - herd section validation not working - a bug fix to add better validation in the /dairy_product/ endpoint for herd_section data inputs and to prevent assessments being created with invalid data.
  • "Save as" Function in CFT not working for Dairy module - a bug fix on the dairy pathway to an issue that was not allowing users to use the save as function to copy complete assessments.
  • 1.7.0

    Released 18 October 2022


    • Feed Additives - Dairy API- An update to the API adding the recently developed feed additives to the dairy calculate and create endpoints.


    • API Demo tool – A bug fix reverting to previous functionality allowing users to use the API demo tool with any valid APP/API keys.
    • 1.6.0

      Released 07 October 2022


      • Biodiversity - Complete rewrite of the front end of the biodiversity app in a standard language, including UI enhancements and updated data format.
      • Feed Additives - Addition of the 3NOP feed additive to the beef and dairy pathways in order to model reductions in methane emissions. Including the interaction between 3NOP, crude fat and NDF for the Dairy pathway.
      • Change "results cannot be calculated" message- Update to the text shown in the live results table to provide additional user guidance when error messages are received.
      • API Business Model - Addition of heartbeat monitor to ensure API uptime is monitored and does not drop below agreed service levels.
      • API - Addition of a new endpoint to allow users to retrieve results of all of the assessments shared within a given share code.


      • Dairy - Bug fixed to remove duplicated grazing sections that had appeared in a number of assessments.
      • Dairy / Beef - Bug fixed to remove an issue with a crash on the staging server related to the beef and dairy pathways.
      • 1.4.0

        Released 12 September 2022


        • Creation of API endpoints to support the multiple farms functionality (relates to Jira ticket - 5811), including: "farms/“ & "farms/assessments/“
        • Remove “Geofootprint" and "Show Detailed Info" buttons from Farm Settings page (relates to Jira ticket 5874).


        • Removal of unsupported crops from the water pathway, and updates to associated error messages (relates to Jira ticket 5844).
        • Correction of error in default selection of “Production System” (relates to Jira ticket – 5895).


          Released 24 August 2022


          • Multiple farms, allows a user to have more than 1 farm for which they can create assessments, managed by adding a user to a supplier group code, which then allows them access to additional administration options to create and manage additional farms (relates to Jira ticket 5810).
          • Updates to the land management data schema for organic fertiliser sequestration, removal of unused land management practices and update of the crop_product/calculate PAI endpoint (relates to Jira ticket 5640).
          • Addition of a search function to to the aggregation groups page on the admin site for the CFT (relates to Jira ticket 5896).


          • Fix the API issue that was preventing the use of decimals in active ingredients for pesticides (relates to Jira ticket 5806).


            Released 10 August 2022


            • Deprecated features - Warnings added to highlight deprecated features in online assessments - relates to Jira ticket (CFT-5855).
            • Deprecated features - Warnings added to highlight deprecated features in aggregation reports - relates to Jira ticket (CFT-5859).
            • Biodiversity - Enhancements made to the management functions of the admin area on the biodiversity area providing better support capability to biodiversity assessment users. (relates to tickets 5790 & 5891).


            • Fixed error on pie chart when accessing compare tab (relates to Jira ticket 5868).
            • 1.1.3

              Released 27 July 2022


              • The aggregation report columns EL-EN have now been updated and aligned with the webapp results and display soil-related emissions from mineralisation of soil organic matter or residues also if no fertilisers are applied. The columns EL-EN have been renamed and are now titled "soil/fertiliser_application". The total results in columns GK-GM are not affected as they always included these soil-related emissions.
              • API documentation removed to only show updated information and not outdated links to V0 or HTTP.


              • The live summary is updating and showing results correctly again if data entries are updated in the various pathways.
              • The live summary general information are populated again with correct data entered in the pathways.
              • Issues with closed assessments not being accessible and causing error due to missing information fixed. Assessments can now only be closed when sufficient information is available.

              1.1.1 and 1.1.2

              Released 29 June/13 July 2022


              • Biodiversity - graphic quality of exportable PDF improved.
              • API error message improved when water assessment is not possible. Not supported crop types for the crop_product/water/calculate/ endpoint are now clearly listed in the error message.


              • API connection issues have been fixed.


              Released 15 June 2022


              • The "save as" functionality that allows to duplicate an assessment has been improved to assure that the name of the new copied assessment will be preserved after saving. This solves the issue that the selected name was reset retrospectively if crop or harvest year were adapted.
              • The API data validation and error messaging has been widely improved to give more precise indications of missing or incorrectly entered data.


              • The API crop documentation for pesticide application has been corrected to reflect the new methodology where the percentage of active ingredients is required for all pesticide categories.
              • An error in the API for grid electricity factors per territory in the US has been fixed and results for electricity are again calculated correctly for all available US territories.


              Released 30 May 2022


              • Issue with supplier page under "my projects" was fixed to allow editing texts from the backend.
              • Avoid interruption of API connection caused by Matomo web analytics platform.
              • API Livestock - When including a crop assessment as feed component in an API call for livestock, a fix has been implemented to allow users to include negative emission results of a crop feed assessment. This aligns the API with the webapp and allows to include crop sequestration potential in a livestock API call.
              • The crop types rapeseed, canola and hops that were added to the crop list in October 2021 have now also been added to the API documentation.


              Released 09 May 2022


              • API error messages mostly for the crop_calculate endpoint are improved in the coming 2 releases. In release 1.0.5, the validation of exception cases was enhanced to identify currently failing API messages. Error messages were improved to specify the issue when values were omitted or invalid.
              • API logging functionality has been added to keep overview of API use performance.


              Released 20 April 2022


              • Django has been updated to version 3.2 that allows to receive security fixes and newest updates from Django and Python.


              • The API connection with geoFootprint was re-established and allows users under their "Farm Settings" to retrieve geo-spatial data for soil organic carbon, soil composition, soil ph and land use change (if available) for their location (latitude/longitude).


              Released 23 March 2022


              • Some translation issues were fixed.

              1.0.1 and 1.0.2

              Released 15 March 2022


              • An error in the connection with the database ERA5 was fixed.
              • Due to the new irrigation methodology introduced in 1.0.0, an error has been fixed that blocked the aggregation report when the method for irrigation emission calculation was set to null.
              • Data in the aggregation report was misplaced due to the new pesticide methodology introduced in 1.0.0. This was fixed and data displays correctly.

              Older Release Notes


              Released 2 February 2022

              The updated version 1.0 of the Cool Farm Tool is live! We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone as it provides best-in-class environmental calculations metrics that helps our users and members around the world keep up with the latest science. Please find the press release with important details and information on our website.


              Released 19 January 2022


              • Crops - An issue in the equation for the Nitrogen Use Efficiency calculations in the Results - Performance tab has been corrected. The calculation now show accurate values.
              • Names of shared assessments have been showing double under the aggregation tab. This has been fixed and shows the list of shared assessments correctly.
              • An issue in the aggregation tab causing high CPU usage and a crash of servers has been investigated and solved.


              Released 20 December 2021


              • An issue with the Django login tracker been fixed that occasionally didn't allow users to log in due to a block unintendedly created by more than 8 login attempts. This should now work as expected and can be administered in case of issues in the future.


              Released 10 November 2021


              • Dairy API - The results from the Dairy calculate endpoint as well as JSON results export file are now returned with only 2 decimals. This is to facilitate clear results and to align the display of returned results to the crop API.


              Released 20 October 2021


              • Verification - Various text sections, buttons, email content and wording have been updated to improve the language of this new feature and make the individual steps and process clearer for users.


              Released 06 October 2021

              New Features

              • Crops - Three new crops types have been added to the crop pathway. Users can now select and assess the specific crops Canola, Hops and Rapeseed.

              0.11.52 and 0.11.53

              Released 22 September 2021

              New Features

              • The verification of assessment data in the Cool Farm Tool is an important part of members activities and future opportunities to use the data for various carbon schemes and programs. To enable verification of data, a list of features have been implemented to facilitate data verification e.g. by 3rd parties at a given moment in time:

                • There is now the ability in all pathways and modules (except "other livestock") to close assessments to stop data changes. This is a preparatory development for future possible functionalities that assure that data is not corrected e.g. during or after verification to avoid mismatches. It is possible to re-open closed assessments.
                • Crop: A button has been added that allows a user to request the verification of an assessment.
                • A verifier can now be granted access to an assessments' results page and see the tabs "GHG", "Performance", "Data" and the button "More".
                • Closed assessments that have been submitted for verification show an active verification status. A verifier can change the status to "Closed" or "Verified by Control Union".


              • The CFT now contains a pop-up box announcing the upcoming release of CFT Version 1.0 to prepare all users for the expected differences in calculations and methodology.


              • Crops - Water Assessment: A fix was implemented for an error found during testing that broke a water only assessment in the API to avoid causing similar issues in other similar assessments.
              • Aggregation report: a mistake in the description for crop protection has been corrected.
              • "My Assessments" tab: The search function now also looks for words in the text parts that are shortened and hidden for long assessments names.


              Released 25 August 2021

              New Features

              • The Cool Farm Tool is now available in Portuguese and Italian Language.


              • "Carbon" tab: In order to improve data collection at farm-level, the CFT now allows for data entries higher than 20 for the questions in the "carbon" tab of a crop pathway. This means that users can indicate when they started changing their management practices, even if this was more than 20 years ago and allow for a better understanding of changes in farming systems.

                However, according to the methodology of the CFT, any management changes that have been introduced more than 20 years ago do not affect the farms' emission results. Thus, numbers greater than 20 do not have any impact but are only for data collection. Further explanation on the methodology for carbon stock changes can be found in the FAQ.


              • The feature that allows to assign crop assessments as a feed item for beef or dairy assessments under the button "more" has been temporarily missing. This has been fixed and is now up and running again.


              Released 10 August 2021

              New Features

              • Water-API: Inputs entered in the water module of the CFT can now be exported in JSON format for further use e.g. in the Water API or scaled reporting.


              • The final scores received in the mediterranean and semi-arid biodiversity module of the CFT have been improved to limit the decimals and unify the results for better display.


              Released 28 July 2021


              • Dairy API - The results received from dairy API calls are now also reflected on a per unit basis. The total emission results as well as emissions from the different sources (e.g. energy, feed) are displayed in total and per FPCM.
              • In the manure section of the JSON results export for dairy, the emissions now also show the breakdown per gas for manure emissions (CO2, N2O, CH4).


              Released 16 July 2021


              This release focussed on the development and deployment of the Cool Farm Tool Water API.

              New Features

              • A water assessment endpoint for crop has been added to the CFT API.
              • Added relevant information on the new water API to the API documentation, incl. water API reference data and data schema.
              • Included the new water API endpoint to the API testing tool and to Postman.
              • Added a Water API error messaging system.
              • Enabled Water API batch processing.
              • Added the water requirements and rainfall weekly breakdowns to the Water module response.


              • The way how the number of irrigation weeks have been generated has been updated to align API and UI.


              Released 30 June 2021


              • The API has been upgraded from Silver to the Django-REST framework which enhances the API's robustness, simplicity, flexibility, makes it easier to scale and integrate with other tools e.g. for API documenation.
              • Silver (simple python package) has been removed for security and maintanance reasons.
              • Bootstrap for faster UI development has been added to all CFT pages.


              • Fixed an API - authentication error that appeared after the deployment of the new Django REST Framework.
              • When a dairy assessment was duplicated via "save as", information of the section "bedding" weren't copied. This is now fixed and bedding information are copied.
              • Fixed and error that appeared when using the API "sharecode" endpoint.


              Released 16 June 2021


              • The help text has been updated to include a link to the free CFT E-Learning Course with manuals, video tutorials and guidance material for crop, livestock and biodiversity.


              • Fixed the member feature to indicate the "custom fertilizer production impact". Member users can now again use the option to indicate their own emission values per kg for fertilizer products.
              • The calculation of feed emissions for smaller "other livestock" categories such as chicken have been adjusted to calculate emissions not for a full year, but the actual indicated phase length per herd phase.


              Released 03 June 2021


              This release focuses on sharecodes and aggregation reports.


              • Fixed an issue where assessments in aggregation folders where nested folders and would not export correctly.
              • Fixed an issue that was causing assessments to duplicate when moved between folders in the aggregation reports page.
              • Fixed an issue in the aggregation report where emissions per hectare and emissions per tonne columns were switched in the separate sheets for individual crop reports.
              • Fixed an issue where a dairy assessment would not load because of an excess of own created crop product feed items.
              • Fertilization approach was added to the JSON Data Export (available from the 'More...' page of an assessment.) Dairy API example now also contains Fertilization Approach.


              Released 19 May 2021


              This release focuses on fixes to restore the functionality of the water module of the Cool Farm Tool.


              • The external database delivering datasets for climate (ERA-Interim) stopped working in 2019. The Cool Farm Tool has now been connected to the new external weather database ERA5 with a monthly data pull moving forward.
              • For crop assessments that have the water metric selected, the water live results now include a button that allows to recalculate and update the water footprint results in case data values are updated.
              • An issue in the water module was fixed that caused an "Error Calculating Water Results" message to appear.
              • Fixed an issue that was temporarily disabling the option to delete Dairy and Beef assessments.


              Released 21 April 2021


              JSON Output

              The following improvements to the tool allow a user to export JSON formatted output of the CFT assessment results, as well as the JSON formatted inputs of an assessment, that a user can use to either create a new assessment or to hit the /calculate endpoint of the API. These outputs are visible on the UI by clicking the "More..." button on any page of an assessment for which these features have been added.

              The following pathways have added JSON Export for Results:

              • Dairy
              • Beef
              • Other Livestock

              The following pathways already have JSON Export for Results

              • Crop

              The following pathways have added JSON Export for Inputs:

              • Beef
              • Other Livestock

              The following pathways already have JSON Export for Inputs:

              • Crop
              • Dairy


              • Aligned Carbon Sequestration results for LUC when calculating carbon sequestration for forest. Misalignment appeared when switching from German to English language.
              • Fixed mis-aligned results for Energy Processing in the UI.
              • Beef Assessment Costs Page - Compose your own is now calculating properly.
              • API crop: fertiliser nutrient rate_measure is allowed, and the error message for incorrect inputs has been clarified.
              • A reported crash related to Feed in the Dairy assessments was investigated and resolved.


              Released 12 April 2021


              • Fixed changes to the Diary Aggregation Report Structure, which had been inadvertently changed during a preivous update causing unexpected column shifts in the report.


              Released 24 March 2021


              • Revised German language translation to include more updated, relevant terms and definitions.
              • The Cool Farm Tool is now also available in Russian language.


              • Removed Food Loss and Waste text description from the Water metrics.
              • Fixed an issue for users creating a new account, where a farm country would be needed by the tool but has not yet been specified by the user.


              Released 15 March 2021


              This release is focused on improvements for the Beef module.

              New Features

              General Beef updates
              • A 'Canadian beef' production system is now available and can be selected under the "Production" tab in the beef module. This system uses Canadian specific animal categories.
              • The ability to override average daily weight gain defaults is now available in the farm settings page via the button "Customise beef priorities".
              • Farms in Canada can now enter if they are certified as a sustainable operation according to the Canadian Roundtable on Sustainable Beef (CRSB) requirements. This option is available in the farm settings page when setting the country to Canada.
              • In the farm settings page, farms in Canada can enter a "Premise ID", a number that identifies a location or operation that manages livestock in Canada. For other locations, a "Farm identifier" field was already available.
              • Customized weight gain factors and feed item properties are now displayed on the results page.
              General Feed
              • A new feed component type "Compose your own feed" allows the user to customise the main default feed item properties: Dry matter, Digestible energy and Crude protein content.

              • New input method for the 'Dry Matter Intake per animal' feed approach. The user can now enter a number of days against each feed component. This allows for more accurate results. Note, existing assessments will have their feed components' 'number of days' populated with the reference period of the assessment and won't have their results changed.

              • Two new feed components available:

                • High wheat or barley diet (up to 15% forage)
                • High corn diet (up to 15% forage)
              General Factor Updates - Admin
              • Ym (Methane factor) is now weighted (Made possible by the new input method for DMI)
              • Ym (Methane factor) can now be overridden for each component in the admin rather than calculated. The 2 new feed components are using specific Ym values (lower than usual).

              Other Updates

              • Update beef automated tests, including tests for feed approach DMI and feed approach average.
              • User Choice of Global or Canadian Animal Categories.
              • Reverse changes made to numeric precision on Results pages. Requested by Clients to maintain historical precision reporting on the Results pages.


              • API - crop_product/calculate - Fix the fertiliser production error message when user submits invalid production region
              • Beef Module - Fix results button on incomplete assessments


              Released 26 February 2021


              • Make the display of numeric information on the results page of all modules consistent.
              • Clarify error message and direct user to to report errors.


              • Security update for login page to allow for a limited amount of login attempts.
              • Applied fix to individual aggregation report export.
              • Update Dairy API Documentation: Corrected display of the data table for animal varieties.


              Released 11 February 2021


              • Add text "Help" next to "?" in navbar to clarify navigation.


              • Remember live results unit drop-down choice per assessment.


              Released 01 February 2021


              • Tree sizes of 1 cm are now supported for "temperate US eastern hardwood" for both "size this year " and "size last year". Land Management emissions are correctly calculated if value > 0.
              • The JSON export text in the API documentation was updated to also include the export functionality for crop assessments.
              • Aggregation report cells that moved due to entries in the carbon tab are now set back to their original, correct columns.


              Released 16 December 2020

              Breaking Changes

              This release fixes two issues identified in the "fertilisers" section of the API input that may affect the results returned by the CFT version 0.11.36:

              • This release enables the API to properly recognize nitrification inhibitors in the API input. If you currently use an inhibition_id other than 1 in your API inputs for fertiliser, set "inhibition_id": 1 (corresponding to no nitrification inhibitors) to maintain results consistency. This update does not require any interface changes otherwise.
              • The release fixes support for "Compose your own NPK" fertilisers in the API input and will change output results for API inputs using "custom_ingredients" in the fertiliser input.

              New Features

              • (Beta) Enable creation of Crop and Dairy assessments via the API. See the API assessment creation documentation for usage and details.
              • Add Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) performance metric to Crop product performance metrics. See the Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) report produced by the EU Nitrogen Expert Panel for more information on NUE indicator.


              • Revise Dutch translations.
              • Fix the decimal/thousand separator character used for non-english languages.
              • Add additional internal API tests for code stability and regression.
              • Clarify instruction text in the Farming Practices section of the Biodiversity module.


              • Fix multiple bugs with sharing assessments via share codes. One assessment can now successfully be shared with multiple share codes and sub-folders of the sharecodes.
              • Fix grazing value in Excel export file to match the same result in the Web UI.
              • Fix "Save As" functionality when using organic fertilizers that have been added less than 20 years ago.
              • Fix error messages in Energy tab when input units for Gross Yield, Seed amount, or Net Yield or not weight units.
              • Fix nitrification inhibitors in the API input. Note this update changes API results that use an "inhibition_id" other than 1.
              • Fix the map in the farm settings page.
              • Fix issue in crop assessment export when residue management data is not defined.
              • Fix mismatch in Crop GHG total emissions when "Compose your own NPK" fertilisers are used in the API.


              Released 17 November 2020

              New Features


              • Improve error messages returned from the Dairy API by specifying the location of the error in the API input object.
              • Enable API key text to be copied from the Help Page.
              • Add automated software testing to API endpoints.
              • Enable users to modify their account details from Edit Profile page.


              • Remove errant error messages in new Potato and Rice assessments.
              • Allow the general.grazing_area field of the Dairy API to accept decimal values in addition to integers.


              Released 05 November 2020

              New Features

              • Multiple biomes are now enabled in the CFT Biodiversity Metric, allowing for the future integration of additional biomes to the tool. The biodiversity metric now also covers the Mediterranean and Semi-Arid biome - the full integration is still in progress as adjustments are still taking place. This is an addition to the existing Temperate Forest biome and allows users to measure the impact of farming practices on biodiversity across different important global agricultural production regions.
              • Add Web UI and API usage tracking via the Matomo web analytics platform.


              • Remove the option for Emissions Inhibitors when Polyhalite is selected as fertiliser input.
              • Update the API Quick Start documentation so it is more intuitive.
              • Fix the links to the User Guide on the landing page of the CFT and to the guides accessed via the project page under "my projects".
              • Fix the bug where the assessment results status is stuck at 86% even upon fully completion of an assessment.


              Released 14 October 2020

              New Features

              • Batch processing of crop product and dairy product calculations via the API has been enabled. Users may now POST up to 50 assessments on each API call.
              • The CFT supports now an optional Farm Identifier in the Farm Profile and API that can be provided by the user.


              • Pretty-print the output text when exporting an assessment as JSON to make the contents more readable for users.


              • The API output value emissions_per_product now references to the input value product_finished instead of product_fresh. This change brings the API results in line with the web application results.
              • Fix error when saving dairy assessment with compound NPK selected
              • Quick Start API documentation is now updated
              • Typo in the Excel export of assessment data was corrected


              Released 21 September 2020

              New Features


              • Improved Dairy API documentation.
              • A Reset Default button was added to automatically reset the residue estimate to the value calculated by the CFT.


              • Fix user list export from the Django admin interface.
              • Clarify API outputs for crop calculations.
              • Fix form validation of the irrigation.


              Released 26 August 2020


              • Add a search box to My Assessments page to simplify retrieving an assessment
              • Add the reporting year to each assessment item in the My Assessments page
              • Enable the user to configure the number of entries visible on the My Assessments page


              • Update live-results panel so Yield value is to two decimal places and GHG emissions are to zero decimal places. Headline metrics on full results page are to two decimal places.
              • Fix the Fuel & Energy, Irrigation and Transport tabs so that new or edited entries will update the live results.


              Released 21 August 2020

              New Features

              • Include GHG intensity metrics in Crop API v1 by product and by area


              • Add additional soy calculations to dairy aggregation report
              • Update aggregation report folder structure to display 50 assessments by default


              • Fix dairy assessment export to work with all fertiliser types
              • Fix Save As feature to prevent fertilisers and crop protection entries be deleted


              Released 09 July 2020


              Co-Products: The addition and removal of co-products in the CFT crop pathway are now displaying correctly. The live results are updated according to the co-products/data indicated.


              Released 08 July 2020

              Features & Improvements

              The CFT now allows for a secure user authentication and a safe, agile interoperability with other tools through Oauth and OpenID. OAuth 2.0 is designed for granting other tools the access to data and features of the CFT and vice-versa, OpenID Connect enables single log-on across multiple applications.


              Released 2 July 2020

              Features & Improvements

              The CFT now enables share code owners to improve the access and organization of assessments through the ability to create and use folder structures per share code in the \'Aggregation\' page.

              The new aggregation page interface now has a sidebar area that displays share codes (parent folders) and their respective subfolders. By clicking on the folders, it displays all assessments that were shared via the share code and placed in the selected parent- or subfolder. It is possible to

              • create, rename and delete subfolders
              • move one or multiple assessments to/between subfolders;
              • filter & search for assessments;
              • export aggregated reports of selected assessments or whole parent -/subfolders - this enables an easier and faster download of smaller, more targeted reports.

              The users of a share code can directly share and place a completed assessment in the applicable folder created by the share code owner.


              Released 22 June 2020


              • In the Soil tab of a new assessments, duplicates in the optional 'choose field' dropdown list have been solved and only templates of previous soil characteristics will show in the list for selection.
              • Live results in the rice pathway now are consistent and calculated correctly. Updates of results are only displayed once changes are made.
              • Error message for fat and protein content in the Milk tab of the dairy pathway now displays correctly and requires a value under 7.
              • Full stop is now being used to denote decimal separator in non-English pathways.
              • Only save water results to cache on "Save and continue".
              • On the farm settings page, soil data from Geoserver for the selected location can be accessed via the button "Show detailed information".
              • Extraction of test data from Geoserver and presentation within CFT.
              • "depth" and "volume" group headings for water units drop-down.


              Released 16 June 2020


              • Upgrade to Django 2.2


              Released 1 June 2020

              Features & Improvements

              • API V0: The API documentation now includes the allowed number of decimals/digits.

              • API V1: It is now possible to retrieve data and results from assessments that have been assigned to a share code via a GET call per share code. The call will return:

                • Assessment name
                • Assessment slug
                • List Item
                • Assessment URL
                • List Item
                • Crop name
                • Crop area
                • Total GHG emissions of the assessment in KG CO2e
              • The documentation of CFT API V1 has been updated and includes GET call for input data and GHG results from specific assessments (GET /farm_assessments), GET call to retrieve assessments per share code (GET /share_code/assessments) and GET call to return share codes associated with a user account(GET /share_code). The documentation can be found here.


              • Excel Aggregation Report:

                • The column titles in the overview sheet for crop and dairy where realigned to correctly reflect the data shown in each column.
                • The DMI per animal is now calculated and shown correctly in the dairy aggregation report. In case an assessment included multiple feed items of the same category, their amount was not correctly shown in the excel report. The amount of multiple feed item categories is now summed up.
              • Water module: Due to the outdated data source for meteorological data, water footprints can currently only be made for crops with harvest date prior to 31 Dec 2018. If the water module is added to a crop assessment, harvest years after 2018 are not displayed anymore until the CFT will be connected to the new water database.

              • Error messages in the Irrigation tab are now better displayed to show missing irrigation information without splitting fields into different rows.

              • Error message for fat and protein content in the Milk tab of the dairy pathway now displays correctly and requires a value under 7.


              Released 05 May 2020


              • API V0: The error message when fertilizer values are changed is resolved.
              • An error message shows when clicking on 'More' of a 100% completed assessment, but non-obligatory fields in the assessment are not yet completed (e.g. irrigation event is selected but cells are left blank). With filling the fields, the error can be solved.
              • Popup box showing before the export of aggregation report is resolved.
              • The country drop down list on the registration page is now ordered alphabetically in all CFT languages for better usability.
              • Issues with downloading small aggregation reports for a specific share code are resolved.


              Released 23 April 2020

              Features & Improvements

              • Dairy pathway: The field 'Main breed' in the Milk tab is now mandatory and does not allow to save and continue without selection.
              • Beef pathway: in the Feed tab of, users are now notified if they select a feed item and unit of measure but do not specify the animal category.
              • Most missing translations in the Spanish CFT version were updated and improved.
              • A unit of measure translation error in the French CFT version was corrected from kg/ha to kg/acre.
              • Water module: water losses through interception which are part of the irrigation balance calculation are now also shown in the water balance chart on the full results page to give a complete result graph.


              • Dairy pathway: the enteric fermentation summary bar in the live results is now updating when the grazing area field is updated. 


              Released 22 April 2020

              Features & Improvements

              • Dairy aggregation reports now also include the farm name (if this was enabled to be visible to the administrator of the sharecode).
              • The API documentation on the Help page of the CFT webapp now includes details about accessing developer documentation for API.
              • The language around Net and Gross yields in the user interface has been updated.
              • The potential emissions factors for global warming were updated.


              • Emissions from land management changes are not being retained anymore after land management changes are removed.
              • The live results of emissions from crop protection are now stable and do not  show different results between the tabs even if data in the crop protection section were not updated or changed.
              • There is now an additional warning message showing in the carbon tab that warns users if they have changed information and navigate away without saving these changes.
              • Resolve issue where live results were not updating under certain situations when organic fertilisers have been identified as a new practice in the last 20 years.
              • Live results now update when composts are added as fertilisers.
              • Live results in the Potato pathway are now updating when storage and/or processing data are updated and "save and continue" is pressed.
              • Live results in the Potato pathway now update correctly when storage percentage slider is used.


              Released 17 April 2020

              Features & Improvements

              • Aggregation reports are now sent to users via email rather than downloaded directly from the site to their device, which prevents the tool timing out when generating large files.


              • Overstatement of manure emissions under certain circumstances was resolved.
              • The costs tab for dairy assessments is not displaying error messages anymore.
              • Aggregation reports can now be generated without crashing when the report contains water and/or combined GHG and water assessments.


              Released 8 April 2020

              Features & Improvements

              The development work which comprised project: CFT Data Versioning Phase 1 was deployed to the live site. This now allows he general audience to retain baseline results and continue using the existing version of the tool, while it enables to have more than one version of the following data tables in the tool for different reporting needs. These versions can be gathered into "data versions" that would be managed as a collection with defined properties: release, release notes and expiry dates. These are the data tables available for versioning:

              • Pesticides
              • Direct energy use
              • Transport
              • Livestock grazing
              • Residue management
              • Cattle bedding
              • Fertiliser production
              • Fertiliser application
              • Machinery fuel use
              • Livestock feed production
              • Manure methane conversion factors
              • Tree types
              • Land management practices

              Previous notes - 0.6.14

              • Additional language translations for the dairy pathway
              • Resolve biodiversity module PDF report bug
              • Add pesticide inputs to aggregation report
              • Fix various crashes:
              • Admin export of dairy feed types
              • Aggregate report with invalid energy units
              • Livestock products in countries with no continent


              • Initial Spanish, French, German and Dutch translations
              • Self-service user profile editing
              • Move residue management to the "General" tab (and calculate live results on the "General" page)
              • Allow commas / periods as thousand separators (depending on selected language)
              • Move "Compose your own NPK" to top of fertiliser list
              • "Calculate", "Create" and single sign-on APIs
              • Enable admin export / import of customised text
              • Various bug-fixes and security updates


              • display SOC percentage instead of total


              • "Save as" bug-fix


              • Bug-fixes on aggregation & water results


              • Dairy report changes
              • Gravity power source for irrigation
              • Custom SOM
              • SOC display
              • Logout page changes
              • Display calculated N rate for fertiliser applications
              • Fix missing energy category
              • Remove decimal places in live results
              • Batch import
              • Dairy bug-fixes
              • Move field size to "Crop" page
              • Change residue names
              • Change "subsurface drip" fertiliser name
              • Fix per-tree results crash
              • Co-product results display change


              • fix biodiversity bug