According to the GHG Protocol, which approach (scope 1,2 or 3) does the Cool Farm Tool take?


The Cool Farm Tool is a GHG calculator at farm level – this means related emissions coming from agricultural production of a specific product (crop or livestock).

The GHG Protocol defines three different scopes:

  • Scope 1: Direct emissions at your farm (e.g. combustion of diesel, N2O emissions from your field, CH4 emissions from your cattle)
  • Scope 2: Indirect emissions from purchased energy/electricity (Emissions are produced someplace else, but the energy is used at the farm)
  • Scope 3: Other indirect emissions (Emissions from another company that provide products or services for your operations.)

The Cool Farm Tool is taking the scope 3 approach for many aspects, such as fertilisers, pesticides, and transportation of goods to and from the farm. However, there are also areas, which are only partly covered such as seed production (only for potatoes) or not covered at all such as the production of machinery or build infrastructure. The latter are not covered to ease the use of the CFT and also because the emissions may have only a minor impact on the overall result.