Do I need to provide feed quantities in dry-matter or fresh-matter?


This is dependent on the approach that is being used. If you provide information for each category, the feed intake of each feed item is provided as dry-matter. The second feed approach is using average values for the entire herd as a percentage of fresh-matter.

Users who grow their own feed and assess it in the CFT, will obtain their crop emission factor from the crop module “Farm-gate ready amount” as fresh matter. In the feed tab, they enter the feed as dry matter. The feed database contains default moisture content percentages and these should be used to convert the dry matter volumes into the appropriate feed emission using the fresh matter feed emission factor.
A bug has been discovered in the software that currently counts the “farm-gate ready amount” as dry matter. This will be fixed in Q1 2022, so until then, you can enter the amount for farm-gate yields in the crop assessment as dry matter.