Why do I need a group code and how can I get one?


The group code is entered under the tab “my projects” and activates certain member-only features such as data export unlimited assessments. If you think you should have access to member-only features, contact your buyer or check with the Cool Farm Alliance team to make sure your customer is a member. As member, you can share the code with your project group within or outside your company. The functionalities associated to a group code can be:

a. Sets the limit number of assessments above the free five assessments.

b. Export: provides the ability to export results of your made assessments as Excel file.

c. Supplier Section: Functionality to share specific information and documents with your suppliers on a ‘landing page’.  Only those with the relevant group code can see the information, by clicking on the code under ‘my projects’.

d. Custom fertiliser production (for advanced users only): the ability to add a fertiliser with its own embedded production emissions value, rather than using one of the standard values in the CFT.